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 Мировое (глобальное) потепление на планете Земля. Общеобразовательный ресурс.
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In many regions of northern hemisphere in the moderate and high breadthes, there is an increase in total of deposits, its speed makes 0,5-1 % a decade (10 years).

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Welcome on site referring to problem World(global) of the warming on planet Land

    Global warming process of the gradual increase fair-annual temperature of the atmosphere of the Land and World ocean.

   The Scientist were defined: uncontrolled surges in atmosphere and other thoughtless behaviour of the person was a reason of the steady change the climate, capable completely to change the planet. The Danger of the global catastrophe has acknowledged the government and folk of the developed countries of the world. Spreads the fight for salvation of the civilizations.

    Our site is called донести before each person on planet whole importance given problems, as well as show whole need of the decision given problems joint usliliyami. Planet Land - Our general dom.

Environmental disaster in Hungary

Environmental disaster in Hungary The world has not had time to recover from ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico , as was once again struck the Earth's global environment, this time the threat came from the land. The first news began to penetrate within a few hours after the accident in the Hungarian town of Haik. In the evening hours on October 4 sounded a siren, located close to the enrichment plant alumina Ajkai Timfoldgyar Zrt, a breakthrough of the dam holding the so-called red mud. Toward the neighboring towns rushed flow of red, viscous and very dangerous liquid, at the time of burning out on the way all living things. According to initial data, the volume of sludge was about 600-700 thousand cubic meters, in what amounts were refined and made more than one million cubic meters. The area of flooding was more than four square miles around the plant. According to preliminary estimates from the sludge was spilled nearly fifty tons of arsenic and half a ton of mercury. Less than half an hour the town was covered with two-meter layer of Kolontar hazardous sludge. In addition, the sludge had threatened the next town - Devecheru. In Kolontara hospital for a few hours turned over hundreds of people with injuries and burns of varying severity. In the region were sent to rescue forces around five hundred people and two helicopters.

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Abnormal heat - 2010: Causes and Consequences

Abnormal heat - 2010: Causes and Consequences Abnormal heat-2010Zaklyuchitelny year of the first decade of the new millennium is not yet complete, but it is safe to say that all Russians will remember him mostly the same - an abnormally high temperature, not only dried woods and fields, and has traditionally been accustomed burning in the heart of Russia every year, but decency and wearing all those who were lucky enough to live west of the Ural Mountains. In essence, the outgoing year has become one of the driest and hottest time intervals in the history of meteorological science - the competition he can not make even known for their "unfriendly" years of total drought - only a few months ago, long-term records of daily temperatures fell like a house of cards in windy weather. What is the reason "madness" of weather and how it affected the lives of our fellow countrymen?

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A New Measure of Global Warming from Carbon Emissions

CO2Damon Matthews, a professor in Concordia University’s Department of Geography, Planning and the Environment has found a direct relationship between carbon dioxide emissions and global warming. Matthews, together with colleagues from Victoria and the U.K., used a combination of global climate models and historical climate data to show that there is a simple linear relationship between total cumulative emissions and global temperature change. These findings will be published in the next edition of Nature, to be released on June 11, 2009.

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DKK 82 to save climate

A new report from the McKinsey consulting group suggests that spending EUR 75 billion each year up to 2030 would keep temperature rise below the critical two degrees tipping point. At DKK 82 per person, the figures are much lower than previously estimated, according to Mandag Morgen. Optimistic McKinsey’s calculations show that the extra cost of solving global climate problems is less than two per mille of global GDP – much more optimistic than calculations provided by the United Nations climate experts.

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Geneva, 16 December 2008 (WMO) – The year 2008 is likely to rank as the 10th warmest year on record since the beginning of the instrumental climate records in 1850, according to data sources compiled by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The global combined sea-surface and land-surface air temperature for 2008 is currently estimated at 0.31°C/0.56°F above the 1961-1990 annual average of 14.00°C/57.2°F. The global average temperature in 2008 was slightly lower than that for the previous years of the 21st century due in particular, to the moderate to strong La Niña that developed in the latter half of 2007.

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Gore Urges Change to Dodge an Energy Crisis

Former Vice President Al Gore on Thursday urged the United States to wean the nation from its entire electricity grid to carbon-free energy within 10 years, warning that drastic steps were needed to avoid a global economic and ecological cataclysm.

Like a modern Jeremiah, Mr. Gore called down thunder to justify the spending of trillions of dollars to remake the American power system, a plan fraught with technological and political challenges that goes far beyond the changes recently debated in Congress and by world leaders.

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Women face tougher impact from climate change

Climate change is harder on women in poor countries, where mothers stay in areas hit by drought, deforestation or crop failure as men move to literally greener pastures, a Nobel Peace laureate said on Tuesday. "Many destructive activities against the environment disproportionately affect women, because most women in the world, and especially in the developing world, are very dependent on primary natural resources: land, forests, waters," said Wangari Maathai of Kenya.

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Exploring the geoengineering of climate using stratospheric sulfate aerosols: Th

Aerosols produced in the lower stratosphere can brighten the planet and counteract some of the effects of global warming. We explore scenarios in which the amount of precursors and the size of the aerosol are varied to assess their interactions with the climate system. Stratosphere-troposphere exchange processes change in response to greenhouse gas forcing and respond to geoengineering by aerosols.


Starfish Strike at Coral Kingdom

 Coral Kingdom
Coral Kingdom

Outbreaks of the notorious crown of thorns starfish now threaten the “coral triangle” – the richest center of coral reef biodiversity on Earth.

That’s the finding of recent scientific surveys by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies and the Wildlife Conservation Society based at the Bronx Zoo, USA.

The starfish – a predator that feeds on corals by spreading its stomach over them using digestive enzymes to liquefy tissue – was discovered in large numbers by the researchers on reefs in Halmahera, Indonesia, at the heart of the Coral Triangle, which lies between Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Palau and the Solomon Islands.


Continent-size toxic stew of plastic trash fouling swath of Pacific Ocean

The Rubbish. Polyethylene

At the start of the Academy Award-winning movie "American Beauty," a character videotapes a plastic grocery bag as it drifts into the air, an event he casts as a symbol of life's unpredictable currents, and declares the romantic moment as a "most beautiful thing."

To the eyes of an oceanographer, the image is pure catastrophe.

In reality, the rogue bag would float into a sewer, follow the storm drain to the ocean, then make its way to the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch - a heap of debris floating in the Pacific that's twice the size of Texas, according to marine biologists.

The enormous stew of trash - which consists of 80 percent plastics and weighs some 3.5 million tons, say oceanographers - floats where few people ever travel, in a no-man's land between San Francisco and Hawaii.


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